Why Embed Twitter Feed in to your Website?

Now that you’re using our social media tool to engage your customers via Twitter, we highly recommend embedding your Twitter feed on to the home page of your website.

We website owners are constantly told how important it is to keep updating our websites with fresh content, but who has time to update their website everyday?

Your Twitter content is perfect, when correctly embedded on to your home page. Google sees each new message on the page as fresh & relevant content, and Google loves fresh content!

Google and other search engines quickly learn that your page is updated daily and will re-visit & re-index your homepage more often. Our own experience has shown us that doing nothing more than embedding a Twitter feed has a significant impact on our search engine position within 8 weeks.

Here’s the catch.

We’re not talking about the simple framed widgets that Twitter and Facebook provide. We’re talking about embedding the messages within the actual code of your website so that Google sees each update as new content on your site. While the widgets that Twitter & Facebook provide do demonstrate an active Twitter presence, they DO NOT COUNT as new website content.

The SEO advantages of a hard-coded feed are HUGE. Google loves sites that are updated regularly. If you’re posting 3 – 4 messages per day, you’ll quickly see positive results.

The SEO results are so powerful that it’s a fact that some of our clients only have a twitter account for this purpose. They don’t really care if people follow the Twitter account or engage with the tweets. Some even set up a separate Twitter account solely for this purpose. Some even engage teamsocial.co.uk to create the Twitter content for £149 per month.

On our WordPress CMS powered sites we use a FREE WordPress Plugin called Good Old Twitter Feed Widget. It offers lots filtering options to give complete control over which Tweets are included in the feed shown on your site. You can include/exclude messages containing specific words, hashtags or images, and include/exclude replies & re-tweets.

It’s likely you’ll need to speak with your website designer to install and configure the plugin, and they’ll probably charge a fee.

We might be able to help.

If your website designer is going to charge you an arm and a leg, give us a call on 01502 586049 or drop us an email info@socialmediatool.co.uk – We’ll take a look at your site and see if we can do it for you. We can’t do it for free, but we’ll aim to quote a price of between £25 – £40 inc. VAT for the 1-2 hours it will take to install & configure the plugin. There is of course no obligation to use us.

Below is a plain version of our Twitter feed as an example. Within an hour of posting a message to @smmtools it automatically appears here.

  • Did you know? Over 90% of marketers use #socialmedia... Make sure you stand out with interesting and exciting content!,
  • Ensure your header and profile pictures deliver the right message about your company - friendly, interesting and professional.,
  • Your Twitter #profile ought to make contacting you straightforward! #SMM,
  • See the big picture. Measure both your #Twitter and your overall #marketingcampaign effectiveness. #SocialMedia,
  • Do your blogs allow comments & promote discussion? If not, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to learn from readers.,
  • Use strong keywords in the Title & Summary sections of your LinkedIn profile, to make sure you appear in search results.,
  • Top tip - Share your content in an entertaining and engaging style, to separate you from everyone else on YouTube.,
  • Each video you upload to YouTube should deliver your top content, your best-kept secrets and your most effective strategies.,

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